Weekly Assignments


The Introduction to Media and Audio Productions course will have these five weekly required assignments:

  1. Listening and Watching: At the start of each class there will be a 5 -10 minute listening and/or watching section that the students will dissect an audio/video example and write down the things they hear followed by an open discussion about the example. The students will be given a critical thinking question list (please see “Critical Listening Questions” in this blog) to help aid them to identify audio and visual characteristics. The students will be required to add one of their own questions every week on their blog.
  2. Pick an audio and/or visual example: Each week one or more of the students will choose an audio/video example for their classmates to dissect. The student or students will set up the playback system the way they want the other students to experience the example (Could be from a home stereo or an Iphone, etc.). After the student or students have played their example they will explain why they choose their example and give three reasons why it is appropriate for the class.
  3. Live performance: At the end of each class there will be a 1 minute improvised sound performance using only their bodies, voices and what is in front of them in the class room. One or more of the students will record this performance. Every student will get a chance to record one of these sessions and in turn use the recording in their final project.
  4. WordPress Blog: All students are required to have a wordpress.com blog account and a minimum of 15 personal blog entries for the term. These 15 entries will be outside of the class assignments. This is an important part of the course and will require students to write about events they discover in their everyday lives that relate to the course, reflect on classroom discussions, dissect readings and listenings examples, class activities and document their process in recording their final project. The student’s blogs will be a part of the final project grade. Please number your blog entries!
  5. Soundcloud entries: All students will be required to have a Soundcloud and/or Vimeo account and a minimum of 15 entries recorded by the student by the end of the term. This is so the course instructor can hear how the students are growing in their ability to record clean audio and video composition. Please number your entries!
  6. Daily Meds for Musical Creative Practice PDF (Please see musicaldailymeds.wordpress.com): Daily Meds for Musical Creative Practice

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