Recording Tips

How to Become a Better Recording Engineer(Also known as: How to Continuously Grow as a Audio Engineer)

By David Gray

Ask yourself the following questions whenever you are feeling stuck in a recording project. These questions are designed to help with the psychological aspect of recording.

  1. What is my part in the situation(s) and recording at hand?
  2. Are my reactions and/or actions appropriate?
  3. What is my fantasy and reality of the recording and situation?
  4. Am I understating or am I exaggerating?
  5. Is my stress justified? Am I stressing out the people I am recording?
  6. Am I making this a bigger problem then what it actually is?
  7. What is the worst thing that can happen and has it happened? Can I fix it?
  8. Am I beating myself up over some choice I, or the artist made?
  9. Am I taking myself, or the recording too seriously?
  10. Am I putting other people down or their recordings down?
  11. Am I demanding too much from the recordings, myself and/or other people involved?
  12. Is this a need or a want?
  13. Am I overindulging in a behavior? Or is a behavior I am seeing affecting me?
  14. Do I want to be here or is it time for change? Can I finish this project? If so how?
  15. Can I ground myself in reality?
  16. Am I sulking or living in action?
  17. Is my opinion being heard? If not, am I taking it out on the people involved in the recording?
  18. Do I need a break?
  19. What is the solution and how can I achieve it?

Thank you!!

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